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Cloth Selection     Styling Options     Grades of Tailoring

Our product line is simply the finest, most valuable resource for discerning buyers of tailored clothing. It consists of an unprecedented cloth selection, nearly limitless styling options and choice of three top-notch grades of tailoring.


The cloth selection offered by Mark Alford Designs each season is, simply put, enviable.  Such a collection of the world’s finest fabrics is rivaled only by our own exceptional tailoring values.

Perennial favorites are available throughout the year in a variety of weaves, colors and patterns. Mark Alford Designs collection includes a variety of suitings, jacketing, and trouser fabrics for complete wardrobe assemblage.  Luxury goods are the crown jewels in Mark Alford Designs swatch presentation.  A delightfully refreshing selection of fine worsted and woolens make up the mainstay of this world-class cloth line.

A few of our private cloth selections are highlighted below.

Concorde Collection
The rarest fibers from the finest Cloth makers of England and Italy.

The refinement of this exceptional fabric needs no introduction. Discerning gentlemen recognize its remarkable hand. Cool confidence accompanies one who wears fine custom clothing tailored from this remarkable Concorde Collection. These luxurious suitings and the remarkable gentlemen who wear them are in a class of their own.

Assembled from the finest cloth makers of England and Italy our Concorde Collection has been woven exclusively for custom tailors. Renowned weavers such as Ermenegildo Zegna, J.H. Clissold & Son, Tallia Di Delfino, Lanificio Reda and Cavendish of England have painstakingly crafted these suitings with styles rich in detail and luxurious in content.

The rarest fibers in the world are masterfully woven in sophisticated stripes, classic herringbones, wonderful windowpanes and tastefully accented glen-plaids. Style savvy gentlemen will appreciate the timeless elegance of the Concorde Collection.

The International Collection
Exclusively for Custom Tailoring

The creative talents of the world’s leading fabric designers including Barberis of Italy, J. H. Clissold & Son, Tallia Di Delfino and Loro Piana are combined in this International Collection. Woven exclusively for Custom Tailoring, these luxurious fabrics are perfectly suited for the gentleman who moves at the Speed of Life.

Primarily woven of Super 120’s yarns, this magnificent collection is filled with tasteful, World-class patterns. These extraordinary suitings are noteworthy for their tailoring performance and superb ability to meet the exacting demands of executives who appreciate luxury and style.

International in both origin and styling, the fine cloth in this International Collection speaks a universal language of executive confidence. Chalk Stripes, Pin Stripes, and Color Stripes are combined with Geometrics, Window-Panes and Glen Plaids as well as a rich pallet of seasonal solids. These cloths allow any gentleman to appear well traveled, comfortable and confident. The International Collection represents how the finest clothing in the world is designed to be worn—at The Speed of Life.

Shades of Elegance
By Clissold

Designers of architecture, interiors and fine fabrics aspire to achieve new heights in aesthetically pleasing lines, touchable textures and richly renewing colors. The designers and weavers of England’s renowned Clissold Mills have harnessed in their looms the accomplishment of such aspiration; earning the privileged rank of exclusive contributors to the Shades of Elegance selection.

As you peruse these artful fabrics, note the subtle shading expressed in each delightful hue and the modern interpretation of classic elements evident in the unique texture, color and design of these superfine yarns. This collection includes the finest of Super 100’s, Super 110’s, Super 120’s, and Super 130’s. Woven by master craftsmen to be pleasant to the hand, these fine fabrics keep the wearer naturally comfortable in any climate.

Only pure new Merino Wool, from the vast regions of Australia and Tasmania, is hand-selected and woven by Clissold’s master weavers into such elegant fabrics.

From its pure and natural beginnings this super fine Merino wool is artfully colored in England’s Yorkshire Dales with an array of rich dyes gently washed with pure cool brook water. As the culminating achievement of superior designs and weaving technology, Shades of Elegance continues to set the standard of luxury around the world.

Destiny Extraordinary "Super 100's" Luxury Jacketings and Trousers

The Destiny Collection is a cornucopia of colorful sport jackets and complimentary trousers. The intriguing weaves and interesting textures are a compliment to the English and Italian artisans who created them. Each handsome jacket fabric is presented between two complimentary trousers for easy selection and wardrobe versatility. The two trousers shown are simply the foundation to a wardrobe. Infinite are the possibilities.

This season’s fashions are awash in the earthen hues as plentiful as an abundant harvest. There is an alluring warmth and a natural comfortableness to these luxurious jacketings. Woodsy browns, warm olives, textural weaves of tans, as well as grays and handsome blues are all brilliantly encompassed in this collection.

Destined to fulfill favorite status in any gentleman’s wardrobe, these luxurious fabrics are comfortably correct for tailored casual and creative business wear. Soft colors and creative textures make these jackets appropriate in today’s relaxed office environments and your evening’s social agenda.

Treat yourself to DESTINY. You’ll be glad you did.

The Royal Mayfair Collection
The Spirit of England
The Art of Superior Craftsmanship

A good suits always starts with fine fabric. The Royal Mayfair Collection has been the basis of thousands of great suits for nearly a decade. Now in its third edition, The Royal Mayfair Collection Book III continues to provide a wide selection of classic worsted suiting and an assortment of solid fabrics ideal for suits, blazers and trousers.

Sourced from the world’s pre-eminent mills, The Royal Mayfair Collection features superfine classic worsteds woven of pure Merinowool. This excellent wool is selected directly from the best of Australia’s wool producers to ensure both a refined look and reliable performance.

Pure Merino yarns are naturally resilient and maintain their shape wearing after wearing keeping you crisp and cool throughout the day. These superfine yarns are woven into perfect 8-½ ounce Tropical worsted, ideally suited for business and travel, providing virtual year-round reliability and comfort.

When you take time to explore this book you'll find each page is a time-honored classic. Proven as top choices for generations, a gentleman’s wardrobe could easily be filled with “one of each”. Bradford weaves, hound’s tooth checks and glen plaids are all fundamental to The Royal Mayfair Collection. Ribbon stripes, pin stripes, chalk stripes and rich color stripes are trusted components of this collection. A library of colors without patterns, ideal for blazers, trousers and solid suits, round out the classics in this collection.

Platinum Collection
Super 120’s

The tasteful fabrics in this Platinum Collection originate from a select grade of Australia’s famed Merino Wool. This extraordinary wool fiber is so superfine it unquestionably earns the rank of Super 120’s Pure Merino Wool. From this proud heritage is woven a range of suitings in the rich tradition known as classics.

These classically styled suitings simply never go out of style. Each is a tastefully correct welcome addition to any executive wardrobe. The assemblage of the entire collection is a worthy aspiration of many a gentleman. Such an investment in these Blue Chip classics would no doubt pay handsome dividends in professionalism, style, and enduring quality in your personal fashion portfolio.

The Platinum Collection represents the business world’s most popular patterns for gentlemen’s custom tailored clothing. Timeless and traditional, these cloths are the artistry of master weavers at J. H. Clissold & Son in centuries-old Bradford, England.

This authoritative collection has become the standard of classic luxury and performance by which such suitings around the world are judged.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is a literal library of sport jackets whose patterns have been seasoned through time and have earned the stamp of “classic”. Each is comfortably refined and notably traditional in styling.

A pleasant perusal of these luxurious cloths reveals wonderful windowpanes in an assortment of checks and gentlemanly glen plaids. Enjoy the rich heritage and delightful hand of the herringbones. They are at once timeless in styling and contemporary in coloration.

Further exploration throws open the door to a cache of camel hair jacketing in a plethora of deep and delightful hues in both solids and classic patterns.

Any choice from this Classic Collection of tailored sports jackets would be a right choice.



As accepted in the boardroom as mahogany marble, these traditionally styled coats are easily recognized as the foundation of the conservative gentleman's wardrobe.

Traditional high gorge lines and button stances are details characteristic of these trim fitting, conventionally tapered coats. Natural and medium shoulders, in two and three button models, all reflect lasting good taste in the time-honored traditional style.


Contemporary interpretations of traditional styles, these timeless coats are ideal choice for the gentleman who demands maximum versatility from his clothing.

Moderate updated gorge lines and button stances compliment the easy fitting chest, full cut armholes and slightly tapered waists characteristic of these contemporary styles. Medium shoulders in two and three button models suitable for business and pleasure, combined with classic lines and comfortable fit, make these contemporary styles favorites among gentlemen of all ages.


Inspired by the fashion designers of Italy these Milano models represent the cutting edge in European style.

Broad shoulder silhouettes are the defining mark of these Milano coats. Tailored with full chests and easy fitting waists, the coats are detailed with moderate updated gorge lines and button stances. Primarily tailored with soft shoulder construction, these Milano coats provide ease and comfort to the gentleman who prefers leading edge style.

Formal Wear

As a basic component or a crowning achievement, an elegant gentleman's wardrobe would simply not be complete without the inclusion of a custom tuxedo.

From leading edge fashion to the classic traditional models, these handsome formal styles can be tailored in single or double-breasted models with peak, notch, or shawl collars. Every gentleman looks good in a tuxedo.

Top Coats

No longer merely a defense mechanism against the harsh elements, men's coats are an integral part of a complete wardrobe. Men with impeccable style and discriminating taste wear topcoats in cold weather. Whether regularly enduring cold weather or just an occasional traveler to such regions, every fashionable gentleman should own at least one topcoat.

Choose either the updated sophistication of a double-breasted model or a traditional single-breasted model with clean, classic lines. These custom tailored topcoats look good, feel good, and promise to endure years of wear and unpredictable changes in both weather and fashion.

Trousers & Vests

As an essential element of a suit, a complimentary component to a sport jacket ensemble, or a fashionable foundation to a great casual shirt, there is a signature trouser style for every gentleman.

From flat fronts to a variety of pleat counts, pocket and cuff details, personal styling options abound in custom trousers.

Vests with or without lapels, single or double breasted are all available with a number of pocket details. Traditional, Contemporary and European fashion models are all represented in these trouser and vest styles.


It is the sum of all the details that create a gentleman's personal wardrobe style. From buttons and button holes to pocket preferences and pic stitches, custom tailoring affords one almost endless combinations of styling details.

Whether it's the vent in the center back of the coat or the real, functional button holes on your coat sleeve or the carefully crafted hand stitches on the coat front button holes - it is the details that add up to personal refinement and style.


Helpful standard measurement charts for coats and both plain front and pleated trousers are available to retailers and direct sellers to assist with custom fitting. Along with the charts are measuring guidelines for coats, vests and trousers.

Accurate measurements, cross referenced with standard measurement charts, enhance optimal fit and comfort in custom tailored clothing.

Grades Of Tailoring

With three distinct grades of tailoring, Mark Alford Designs offers you everything you need to build your wardrobe.

The Baron Grade

The Baron make features a basic fused front construction with a floating canvas chest piece using the latest in German fusing technology. Each coat comes with two inside pockets and your choice of styles and extras. The Baron make is one of the best values in clothing today, and we are proud to continue this tradition.

Soft Fused Construction
The best gets even better! New soft fusing technology now makes your Baron coats even better! This new fusible creates a truly "buttery" soft coat for all your lightweight and finer fabrics.

The Monarch Grade

The Monarch Grade of tailoring leads the industry as one of the finest custom tailored values in America. The finest hand sewing combined with advance pattern and cutting technology makes the Monarch suit an extraordinary blend of craftsmanship for the man who demands performance and comfort.

• Superior pre-padded woven canvas under collar from  
• Full basted canvas front from Italy
• Completely hand basted collar
• Extraordinary hand buttonholes on all coats.
• Full hand finished armholes
• Hand finished shoulder linings
• Hand finished sleeve linings
• New deluxe sweat shields
• Deluxe Bemberg striped sleeve linings
• Full lining and card pocket standard
• Special two-piece waistband with box-pleated curtain
   insures waistband comfort
• Zig-Zag Rocap stitching on top of waistband
• Nickel coated metal zipper
• Woven Silesia inside entire fly
• Standard coin pocket
• Heel guards - Extra protection for wear at hem or cuff
• Grippers

The Sovereign Grade

The Sovereign Grade is setting the standard of excellence for the next millennium.  The Sovereign suit is truly a bench grade garment, individually designed, cut, and sewn by only a handful of master tailors. Using only the finest tailoring materials each Sovereign suit is a work of art unto itself. All interlining, canvas, and buttons are imported directly from Italy for this one of a kind garment. Over 150 years of old world experience combine to craft the Sovereign Grade, taking Mark Alford Designs to a new level of quality and service.

Sovereign Features:

• Hand crafted collars, with leaf-turned edges for perfect
   fit and alignment. Made exclusively by master tailors.
• Hand shaped and hand sewn shoulders, using only the
   finest silk thread for stability.
• Armhole construction by master tailors, using only silk
   thread for comfort.
• Extraordinary hand buttonholes on all coats.
• Individually shaped and sewn jacket linings of 100%
• Over a dozen additional underpressing steps ensuring a
   garment that has integrity as well as style.
• Many additional hand sewn features found only in the
   world's finest tailoring.
• Special two-piece waistband with box-pleated curtain
   insures waistband comfort
• Zig-Zag Rocap stitching on top of waistband
• Nickel coated metal zipper
• Woven Silesia inside entire fly
• Standard coin pocket
• Heel guards - Extra protection for wear at hem or cuff
• Grippers


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